What are hooks?

Hooks appear at the beginning of your captions, videos, blogs… Those are phrases your audience wants to hear in order to keep reading, listening or watching. This is the place where you will tell your audience “why” they should continue. This is where you reveal the value you will give them.

The hooks usually include FOMO. What is FOMO, you may ask? Well, it’s “Fear of missing out”. You want to add a mystery element or a sense of scarcity. That way, the curious side (that we all have) in people starts working. They do want to find out what you’ve been keeping from them. Also, they do want to know the tips you have to share. Moreover, they don’t want to miss the chance to grab something free (or cheap).

Where should I use hooks?

Hooks should be used at the beginning of the text, video or audio. In a reel, this would appear in the first screen of your video. If you have a blog, it could be the title of your post. Additionally, in an Instagram post, use it as your first line in the caption, or in the graphic itself.

I am bringing you an entire list of awesome hooks you can use to entice your audience to spend more time on your content. The more time they spend reading, watching or listening to your content, the more likely they are to engage. And who doesn’t love an engaged audience?

Of course, every text also needs a good and strong CTA. If you’re interested in learning more about CTAs and how to use them, you can read the List of awesome CTAs page. There, you will also get a list of different CTAs to use for different desired outcomes.

    • Keep watching if [your topic]
    • How to [your topic] without [a feeling]
    • I bet you didn’t know [your topic]
    • Steal my [your topic]
    • Have you heard? [your topic]
    • Stop scrolling!
    • The A-Z guide to [your topic]
    • [Number] things I wish I knew before [your topic]
    • Apply these [number] secret techniques to [goal]
    • Believing these [number] myths are keeping you from [achievement]
    • Watch this if you are a [type of person]
    • Why you're losing [what] fast
    people holding social media signs
    • True or false! [your topic]
    • The ultimate guide to [your topic]
    • [Number] brilliant ways to use [your topic]
    • Answered: Your burning questions about [your topic]
    • Have you ever [your topic]?
    • I need your help…
    • Things I had to learn in order to [your topic]
    • How I achieved [your achievement] in [time]
    • Don't waste time! [number] tips to [goal]
    • You should do these [number] things before you [action]
    • Think you know [your topic]? Think again
    • What I hear when [something annoying]...
      • [Number] best practices for [your topic]
      • This is for [your target audience] only
      • [Number] mistakes most people make when [your topic]
      • How to earn [amount] a day/week/month using [your topic]
      • Surprise! [your topic]
      • Calling all [your target audience]
      • Hate to break it to you, but [your topic]
      • [Number] tips on [your topic] you can’t afford to miss
      • [number] creative ways to improve [what]
      • [number] guilt-free ways to [your goal]
      • Life as a [your topic] be like...
      • When you expect [thing 1] and you get [thing 2]
      Be creative
      14 home office
      • How to [your topic] in [time]?
      • Did you know [your topic]?
      • My biggest tricks on [your topic]
      • Watch til the end
      • [Number] secrets to [your topic]
      • Have you ever [your topic]?
      • Do you want to know the mystery behind [your topic]?
      • Quick [your topic] tip
      • How to get a fabulous [outcome] on a tight budget
      • How to learn [topic] in less than [time]
      • Watch till the end for [result]
      • Why [your topic] is killing your results
        • My biggest secret on how to [your topic]
        • [Number] ways to have a more appealing [your topic]
        • [Number] simple ways to [your topic]
        • This is for you if [your topic]
        • [Your topic] for beginners
        • Why does no one talk about [your topic]?
        • [Number] things nobody mentions when [your topic]
        • [Number] lessons I learned from [your topic]
        • How to achieve [your topic] in [number] steps
        • How to [your topic] instantly
        • This is the ultimate [your topic] hack!
        • Don't try this at home!
        top secret hooks
        • Spilling the tea on [your topic]
        • [Number] tricks about [your topic] you’ll wish you knew before
        • You are not going to like this…
        • Strange but effective ways to [your topic]
        • Attention! [your topic]
        • [Number] ways you can use [your topic] to become [goal]
        • You will thank me! [Your topic]
        • [Number] hacks I used to [your topic]
        • [Number] reasons [your topic] is a waste of time
        • Beware: [your topic] is a scam!
        • How I went from [start] to [end]
        • [your topic] changed my life!
          • Let me tell you the story of [your topic]
          • This will blow your mind!
          • [Number] simple things for using [your topic] to get ahead your competition
          • 2/5/10x your profit with these [Number] tips on [your topic]
          • Reminder: [your topic]
          • Quick reminder: [your topic]
          • Everything you thought you knew about [your topic] is a lie
          • [Number] unforgivable sins of [your topic]
          • [Number] ridiculous rules about [your topic]
          • Secret hack for [result]
          • Do you struggle with [your topic]? This post is going to save your life!
          • [number] biggest mistakes I made as a [your topic]
          office space
          Download Day
          • I have a secret…
          • How to lose money with [your topic]
          • The truth about [your topic] in [number] minutes
          • Hold up!
          • Listen up! [your topic]
          • Hear me out!
          • Are you making these [number] mistakes in [action]?
          • What [group of people] don't want you to know
          • I can't believe I didn't know this
          • This feels illegal to know!
          • Do you want to know something crazy?⁠
          • Three things to swap out [your topic]

          Now you know all about hooks. I’m sure you would like to know more about CTAs, too. Also, you can learn about amazing Stock photo resources.

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