What are CTAs?

A CTA or a Call-to-action is a marketing term which refers to a statement or design which will “nudge” your readers, listeners or watchers to make an action. This is something you should use in your social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts, or any other form where you are talking to your audience. This is why I have decided to share with you this list of strong CTAs. These will help you with engagement.

Don’t expect your audience to do something unless you tell them what to do. This is why a strong CTA is important.

Where should I use CTAs?

CTAs should be used at the end, as well as throughout your text. This is something you want your audience to do, regardless of what that might be. You can ask your audience to like your post, comment on it, save it, share it, subscribe to your newsletter or buy one of your offers.

Well, now you have a good and strong CTA. Or you will, after you choose one from the list below. However, how to get your audience to stay on your post long enough to even see your CTA? That is what hooks are for. Read the List of awesome hooks post to find out more about what hooks are. There, you can learn about how to use the hooks and find a list of compelling ones for your content. Spark that FOMO in your audience and get more engagement!

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Now you know all about CTAs. I’m sure you would like to know more about hooks, too. Also, you can learn about amazing Stock photo resources.

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