Have you ever heard of stock photos? If not, you may have felt something like this in the past:

I don’t always have photos to use on my social media, website, email… I can’t afford a photographer and I suck at taking photos myself.

If you have recognized yourself here, you may not have heard about stock photos.

Stock photos are the answer

Stock photos are found on various websites. They are provided by photographers (often for free) to use for commercial or personal purposes. The artists will often ask for credit, but you are not really legally bound to give it. It would be nice, though. There are a bunch of stock photo resources out there. So if you’re not familiar with them, keep on reading and find the ones that perfectly fit your needs.


Unsplash is a great place for stock photos revolving around people and nature. You can find photos which are not too artistic and can perfectly fit any nature- or people-oriented brand.

unsplash stock photos
stockvault stock photos


Stockvault may not be the biggest resource out there. However, you will find some very interesting collections there. You will find different textures, illustrations, black and white photos, portraits and much more.


Stocksnap is another resource to turn to in need of good quality photography. You can find many different categories, like Design, Travel, Book, Fashion and many more.

Stocksnap stock photos
Reshot stock photos


Reshot is not a stock photo site per se. However, you will find many illustrations and icons there. Those can be amazing for your content, too!


Rawpixel is more than just a stock photo resource. There, you will find graphics, illustrations and mockups along with your standard stock photos.

Rawpixel stock photos
Pixabay stock photos


Photos, illustrations and graphics aren’t the only things you can find on Pixabay. Here you can find free to use videos, vectors and even audios to use in your content.


Pikwizard is the place for both stock photos and videos. Here you will find gorgeous and professional photos to use in your content for free.

Pikwizard stock photos
Picjumbo stock photos


Picjumbo may not be the biggest resource in terms of categories. However, the categories it does include are packed-full of beautiful photos. The themes here include business, architecture, food, objects and more.


Pexels is a great place for artistic photography. It contains both photo and video resources. The artists there get validated through a leaderboard, which shows the top artists with most content viewed. It also hosts monthly challenges for all the contributors.

Pexels stock photos
MorgueFile stock photos


MorgueFile is one of those resources that may not be packed with millions of photos. However, it does have a nice collection, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Foodies Feed

Foodies Feed is a bit different than other stock photo websites. This website features food photos only. And a lot of it! So, if you’re a restaurant, a catering business, a food blogger or anyone in the food industry, this one is for you!

Foodies Feed stock photos
Foca Stock stock photos

Foca Stock

The special thing about Foca Stock is that it features templates. These templates can be used for different banners and social media posts, and they can be edited within Foca. With their own editor.

Burst by Shopify

Burst is another photo resource with some really cool collections. Here you can find things like video call backgrounds, female photographers, sign language and many other categories.

Burst by Shopify stock photos

Now you know all about stock photos. I’m sure you would like to know more about hooks, too. Also, you can learn about cool CTAs.

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