SEO for Instagram

SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t exactly new, but SEO for Instagram is something that has been talked about more and more. Instagram is now becoming a search engine, which means that SEO for Instagram is now more important than ever. What does that mean?

SEO for Instagram Learn how to optimize your Instagram profile and your content for SEO, so you get more discoverability, which means more eyes on your profile and your offers.

Firstly, you can get discovered on Instagram by using your keywords strategically. It can also mean that some of your posts can have a longer life-span. They are no longer alive for a few hours after posting. These posts can appear in someone’s feed (especially reels feed and the explore page) days after you post them. Moreover, your Instagram now has more ways for getting views, besides using hashtags (although they are still very efficient, regardless of what coaches out there say). However, just like SEO for Google and other search engines, it’s a process. You can’t expect immediate results. The sooner you start applying the tips listed below, the sooner you’ll see the results.

So, let’s take a look at how you can use SEO for Instagram on your page.

1. Optimize your bio

It is very important to optimize your Instagram bio. Think about all the keywords your potential clients would use. You can also think about the keywords that you don’t want to be linked to your account, and make sure to avoid them. So, which parts of your bio should you optimize.

a) Your name

When it comes to your name, it has become searchable on Instagram. Meaning, it has become a huge part of SEO for Instagram. That means you should think about your name a bit more these days. You can now use up to 64 characters in your name, and make sure you use them well. Make sure you add your actual name at the beginning (or your brand name) and then a few keywords for better discoverability. Take a look at the screenshot below. This is my Instagram name, so whenever someone searches for “content marketing” or “content ideas”, my profile might come up in that search. HOWEVER, make sure you don’t change your name before you’re happy with it, because you can change your name every 14 days.

SEO for Instagram - Instagram name

b) Your profile description

Your profile description is also important. You should definitely still use keywords there, and make sure you tell your profile visitors who you are, what you do, who do you do it for… It’s even a good idea to add some sort of social proof to your description. While this isn’t as important for actual searches as your name is, it will make your profile visitors WANT to follow you. So, it’s more indirectly linked to SEO for Instagram, but it’s still equally important.

Optimize your content

Your content is now also searchable. If you write any keyword in your search bar on Instagram, you will see posts come up. You no longer have to search for hashtags alone. Plus, you don’t have to write it as a hashtag (all words together). Once you start your search, you will first see the “top section”. This is where all the reels and posts containing your search term will appear. Check out the screenshot below to get a better understanding of what it looks like. You will also see accounts that are in some way related to your keyword. There are also tabs containing audio files, hashtags and places, all regarding your search term.

SEO for Instagram - Instagram search

So, here is what you can do to start appearing in those searches yourself:

a) Use keywords in your captions

Yes, using emojis in the caption can be fun and cute, but it’s not beneficial for your account. Your captions should contain actual keywords. Now, you don’t have to do an extensive research for every single post you create. You can basically just list all of the keywords you want to focus on in your content and go through that list every time you post. Pick the ones that are relevant for that piece of content (Yes, your keywords should always be relevant) and include them in your caption. Your discoverability will be much higher when you start doing that.

b) Use hashtags related to your content

Yes, hashtags still work. I wrote an extensive post about them called Hashtags explained. Also, I have written a workbook (an e-book, really) on hashtags, where I explain to you my hashtag strategy and how to use them for your content. I give you the exact steps for finding hashtags, and there is a workbook part of it, where you can follow those steps and find the perfect hashtags for your page. If you’d like to grab it, just message me. It’s currently $5.99 for the workbook, and you get a month in my membership for free! It goes both ways, haha! If you get my membership for the trial month, I will send you the workbook for free!

Back to hashtags. Yes, they still work. If you use relevant hashtags on your posts, you can get incredible results, even as a small account. Take a look at one of the recent results on my page:

SEO for Instagram - hashtag reach

Yes, you’re seeing it right! I got over 2,000 reach just from hashtags, and with just over 500 followers. If that doesn’t tell you anything…

The most important thing is that you use relevant hashtags, not the ones you think will get you more views. If you use hashtags like #follow4follow or #like4like, you will soon be viewed as a spammer (both by the Instagram bots and by your followers). So, make sure your hashtags relate both to the content you’re posting and to the industry/niche you’re in.

c) Using ALT text for your images

ALT text is very important both for Google and for Instagram. This is the text you use to describe the photo you’re posting. What can be seen in the photo or graphic? It’s used for people with visual impairment, so that they can understand your content just as well as those that have the perfect vision. Moreover, the ALT text containing your keywords will help the bots understand even more accurately what your content is about. Make sure you use it.

SEO for Instagram conclusion

With the rise of SEO for Instagram, you definitely have something new to think about. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work. All you have to do is some research regarding the keywords you want to focus on, and you can start applying all of these tips immediately. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, but the results you will get from it are absolutely amazing! Good luck, and if you need any help generating hashtags or content ideas, make sure you send me a message here or on my Instagram. I would be happy to help!