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  • Fillable monthly content planner
  • Instagram insights tracker
  • Halloween reels audio suggestions
  • Asana content ideas bank template (probably my favorite)

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3. One of my favorite free resources: Asana Content ideas bank

Do you have a content ideas bank? If not, this is one of my favorite things in content creation. An ideas bank is something that helps me never run out of content ideas! I created this Asana board for myself and thought “why not share it with the world?”. So, I decided to create a blank one for you. All you have to do is download the file, upload it to Asana (if you don’t have an account yet, it’s free and very easy to create) and click on the board view. Explore all the tasks I added and start filling your ideas.

If you have trouble with coming up ideas for social media, my Content Blueprint Bank might be just the thing you need. You will get ideas for each day of the month, at least 6 holidays and observances for each day, and 5 reels audio suggestions each week. You also have access to all the reels audio suggestions I created so far.

If you’re interested in Instagram and content creation, that is something I cover a lot on my Instagram, so follow me there for more! You can also visit my blog for a more in-depth perspective on content marketing.

Free resources

With these free resources, you can plan your content to perfection!

1. Free resource: Fillable monthly planner

This is a PDF document with a monthly layout, where you can plan what you are going to post each day. You can reuse this planner each month, just make sure you save it as a new document. You can write the topic of the post, type of the post and additional notes each day!

2. Free resource: Instagram insights tracker

Instagram insights are so valuable! I can’t really stress that enough. That is why I created this Instagram insights tracker, a fillable PDF document. You can track all your important insights on a monthly (or any other) basis. You will also get a small user manual, to understand how to use the metrics you track. Which metrics are the most important and what to do with that information? You can learn all of that in this free resource.