Hashtag research

Are you using hashtags on your posts but not getting any reach? Or maybe you don’t use hashtags at all, because you heard that they don’t really work? Then hashtag research is for you.


I will research your niche (based on your profile) and provide a list of 30, 60 or 100 hashtags (or more, but please contact me for rates). I will not provide generic hashtags, or those that will not work for your content. I will do hashtag research based on your existing content.


Hashtags are a very powerful tool on Instagram, although people may seem to bash them lately. They can help you reach thousands of people if used correctly. However, you should know how they work.


That’s where I come in!

So, if you want to get as much reach from your hashtags as possible, the appropriate ones are necessary.


I will help you find the hashtags that will help you reach more people. Of course, these people are ultimately your potential followers (and customers).


Decide if you’d like a set of 30, 60 or 100 hashtags. From these you can pick and choose for each and every one of your posts.


Basic package

  • 30 hashtags
  • 5 content ideas
  • $10

Standard package

  • 60 hashtags
  • 10 content ideas
  • A guide to hashtags
  • $30

Premium package

  • 100 hashtags
  • 15 content ideas
  • A guide to hashtags
  • $50
How does it work?
    1. I will need to see your Instagram profile.
    2. I will analyze your content and your niche. (If you’d like to see the results of my analysis, you can also get my Instagram profile audit.)
    3. I will provide a list of researched hashtags and a PDF with tips on using them.
    4. If you decide to get a coaching call with me, I will also teach you how to research hashtags yourself in the future. The coaching call is 1 hour.
Who is it for?
  • Small businesses
  • Product-based businesses
  • Service-based businesses
  • Personal brands
  • Social media managers
  • Influencers
  • People trying to start or improve their business on social media
What do hashtags do?

Once you post your single, carousel, video or any other type of post, it’s out there (unless your account is a private one, but that’s a different story).

Now, anyone searching one of the hashtags you used in your post will be able to see your post under that hashtag page’s recent posts. If you decide to use one of the big hashtags (1M+), your post will pretty soon be pushed way down and basically undiscoverable. However, if you use a smaller one, it will be discoverable under ‘Recent’ for a few minutes (or more).

Depending on how people react to your post (if you get a lot of engagement from your audience and on the hashtag pages), your post might end up on the hashtag’s ‘Top’ page. That’s basically like hitting the ‘Explore’ page.

So, if Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags, try to use as many as possible, because there are more advantages than downsides to using hashtags.

hashtag research

Hashtag research FAQ

1. What can this service do for me?

With the right hashtag strategy, you will see an improvement in your reach, you will have a better chance of getting more engagement and more followers.

2. Do I have to give you my password?

No, absolutely not. All I need is your Insta name (@ handle), so I can see what you post and do proper research.

3. Aren’t hashtags dead?

Nope. Although Instagram claims that hashtags don’t do much for your reach, my results, as well as results from my clients, claim otherwise. I definitely see an influx of people from hashtags.