Hey there! Thank you for wanting to learn more about me.

Welcome to Proleda Media, a place for all things content related. I believe it’s only logical that I tell you a few things about me. I am Nika, the founder of Proleda Media, English teacher by trade, social media enthusiast, content creator, translator, editor, coffee addict, newlywed, and well… a bunch of other things.

about me

About me

I “knew” I wanted to be an English teacher basically forever. I remember having little notebooks that served as gradebooks. I created tasks and lesson plans. I even bought overhead projector sheets and special pens to write on them (yup, I’m that old). Mind you, I was around 10 at the time.

So, when college came, I knew what I wanted. It was “a calling”.

When I didn’t get into the program I had always wanted, it was hard to tell who had a harder time dealing with it: me or my mom.

However, a year later I got in, and everything was a fairy tale. I was on the right path, I was going to become an English teacher.

I got a job at a high school even before I graduated, and I was over the moon about it. Until I wasn’t.

Paperwork. Paperwork. Paperwork. Children who were not disciplined, parents who thought their children were golden. So much focus on everything but actual teaching (from the system’s perspective, not mine). I just couldn’t deal with that.

Two years later, I decided to quit and start my own company. A company which had its ups and downs, but a company I never regretted starting.

Am I ever going back to school? I am going to sub occasionally. However, for now (I learned never to say never the hard way), I am definitely not going back full time.


What I want is to focus on my company. This is the purpose of this website and this little introduction. I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to help you, an aspiring entrepreneur, with all things content. My main goal is to help you save TIME and create something meaningful at the same time.

What can I do for you?

Like I already mentioned, I am here for all things content related. I can help you with improving your profile, finding the perfect hashtags, generating content ideas and so much more. You can read more about my services.

I am also launching my first ever membership, where you will get access to a month’s worth of content ideas and trending reels audio. Find out more about Content Blueprint Bank Membership.


What’s next?

Who knows, honestly. I am looking forward to the launch of the Content Blueprint Bank membership. I can’t wait to continue working on it, as well as continuing to work with my existing and new clients.

I will share my knowledge about content and content creation here, and hopefully build something really interesting and useful for you, my readers. Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter and you will be notified whenever I have a new post, and whenever something cool happens to me or in the industry.

You can also follow me on Instagram and see even more there.

Sincerely yours,