Influencer research

Do you have an amazing product not many people heard about? Would you like to get the word out and reach (potentially) millions of people? Then influencer research might be for you.

What are influencers?


Influencers are people with a bigger following on social media. They basically ‘have influence’ (duh!). Their influence comes down to trying new products and recommending them to their audience. Since people often trust their opinions and recommendations, they are very likely to buy the recommended products. So, why wouldn’t your product be one of them?


Influencer research

That is where I come into play. I will research influencers and find the ones that best fit your needs and your offer. The research is done based on niche, location, number of followers and their engagement rate. I also always check if they do promotions regularly. I then compile a list of those that would work best for you (the list size depends on your needs).


Basic package

  • 10 influencers
  • Collaboration ideas
  • $20

Standard package

  • 20 influencers
  • Collaboration ideas
  • $35

Premium package

  • 25 influencers
  • Collaboration ideas
  • A guide to working with influencers
  • $50
What is included?
  • Handle
  • Niche
  • Number of followers
  • Number of people they follow
  • Engagement rate
  • Name (if available)
  • Location (if available)
  • e-mail (if provided on the profile)
  • Other information you might ask for
How does it work?
  1. You will contact me with information like: your niche, your website and social media profiles, your goals, the compensation you’re willing to provide for the influencers and information about the type of influencers you would like to work with (niche, number of followers).
  2. We will determine the best social media platform to find the influencers.
  3. I will ask for any additional information I might need.
  4. I will send you the list of influencers with all the information available in Excel.
  5. If you need help with writing your pitch for the influencers we can work on that as well.
Who is it for?
  • Business owners
  • Beauty brands
  • Fashion brands
  • Fitness brands
  • Anyone needing more brand awareness

Reaching the right influencers

Finding the right influencers isn’t the easiest. There are many things you should be mindful of. They have to be in your niche (or at least in your industry). Depending on what you want to offer them (free products or money compensation), there are certain things that you should be mindful of. Their following also plays a huge role in this. Most importantly, it’s very important how you approach those influencers.

beauty influencer

Influencer research FAQ

1. What platforms do you do the influencer research for?

While I do mostly research Instagram, I can also research TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. However, I do suggest you mostly focus on Instagram and TikTok, because this is where you will reach the most people.

2. Will you contact the influencers for me?

Contacting influencers is not a part of this service. I strongly suggest you do it yourself, using your voice as a business. However, if you would prefer I do it for you, please contact me.

P.S. I am very particular about choosing clients for contacting influencers.

3. What if I don’t know how to contact these influencers?

Approaching someone who feels almost like a celebrity can be hard. You can send me a message, and we will work on your pitch together.

4. Will you look for non-English speaking influencers?

Of course! I can look for influencers in many different markets and do the hashtags research in different languages. I use various translation software, which helps me understand the meaning of hashtags.