Black Friday content ideas for small businesses

Black Friday has to be one of the biggest shopping holidays in the world. With a worldwide competition, Black Friday content ideas may not come naturally. You don’t feel like you stand out. Well, I want you to put yourself in your clients’ shoes.

Think about the following:

  • Who is your product/service for?
  • Could your product/service make a good Christmas gift?
  • Is this something you as your own client would buy 1 month before Christmas?
  • What does your product/service help with?

The main thing for your customers is “what’s in it for me” or WIIFM. Show it to them! Start early on (mid-November) with showing your clients’ results. Show how you help people. You can include both testimonials and before/afters. Make your audience feel your content a think “YES! This is me and I need that!” When you manage to do that and you start addressing your clients’ pain points, your content will work to your advantage.

Black Friday content ideas for small businesses

Here are 5 Black Friday ideas for small businesses

1. Reels, reels, reels

Reels are the best way to reach new people. So, if you want more eyes on your content before Black Friday, make sure you create more reels. If you’re unsure about your reels process, I wrote all about it. You can even batch your reels, and not waste time multiple times a week or month. Make sure you use your reels in a way that reflects your brand. Adapt every trend to your niche, and talk about the things you normally would. Creating a reel with cute puppies, when you have a small business for creating jewellery will not get you far.

Make sure you create reels that are relatable and that address your clients’ pain points. Offer solutions to those pain points and educate your audience on how to do something themselves. DIY is the way to go. Don’t worry, you will not overshare.

2. Sneak peek Black Friday content ideas

How does launching a new product or service on (or around) Black Friday sound? Intimidating? Well, it still is a pretty good idea. If you launch something new on Black Friday, you will get a bump in sales of that particular thing and will have access to a lot of testimonials early on. That way, you can test your product or service with your first customers that will get it at a lower price. You can get reviews, but also feedback, which is crucial for growth and development.

So, share a sneak peek of that new product or service one week before Black Friday. Create a hype around it. You can even create a freebie, or get people to sign up to your newsletter to be the first to know when the door to your offer opens. The more relatable, shareable and valuable you make your sneak peek post, the more people will sign up.

Black Friday content ideas for small businesses

3. Announce your Black Friday offer early

You can start talking about your Black Friday offer as soon as the start of November. I wouldn’t really go further than that, because people might forget about it if you mention it in October. That’s too far ahead and the hype tends to water down. Get people to subscribe to your newsletter early. That way you will have time to nurture them, educate them and show them the value you can add with your offer. You can show parts of your offer, or share everything. It doesn’t matter. As long as you add value, people will see it.

4. Create a challenge (for yourself or your audience)

You can decide to post every day up to Black Friday. It doesn’t have to be about your BF offer every single time you post. But make it relate to it somehow. You can talk about the struggle of your clients, their pain points, the benefits, or simply educate your audience on what it is you do.

A challenge can also be for your audience. It can be a DIY, sharing photos of your products or sharing content relating to a certain topic using a specific hashtag. Moreover, make them participate in it by sharing the content they have created in the challenge. You can even have weekly winners that get a shoutout or a freebie.

5. Create bundles, offer freebies

Bundles are the IT thing at the moment. You can create one yourself. How? Well, bundle up the products or services that logically work together, and offer them all together for a discounted price.

Example: You are a copywriter offering sales page audits, email copywriting, consultation, ads copywriting and social media copywriting. A bundle you could create is a sales page audit and improvements + 5 email sequence at a discounted price. Another one is 10 social media copies and 2 ads copies.

Another example: You are a jewellery maker. You offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings all separately. Create sets and sell them for less than individual items. You can even add a freebie.

I want to highlight this, though: people LOVE freebies. So, if there is a low ticket offer or a product you’re comfortable giving away for free, you can include that in your offer. It can be for the first x amount of buyers or for everyone. When people see the word free, they tend to freak out, because they know they are getting more than what they’re paying for.

Finally, if you are a product-based business, offer free shipping. People hate paying for shipping, so that is one less obstacle in their buyer journey they have to overcome to buy your product.

Black Friday content ideas for small businesses

Black Friday content ideas conclusion

Everyone is going to want to sell their products and services on Black Friday. That is why it is very important to try to stand out. Check out my Instagram to get even more tips and inspiration. Well, oosting every day may not be something you can do. However, if you can (at least throughout November), it is a great idea to do that. These Black Friday content ideas are here to help you do that. However, if you’re feeling really uninspired, I want to encourage you to check out my Content Blueprint Bank membership, where I give you content ideas for each day of the month and 5 reels audio suggestions each week. You will get actionable advice for content creation, as well as filming instructions and caption suggestions for reels. Take a look at the user manual, to see what the inside looks like.

With Content Blueprint Bank membership, you will never run out of content ideas again!