31 content ideas for December

December 1st is here, which means it’s day 1 of the Proleda Media advent calendar. I will post at least 1 post every day from December 1st until December 25th on my Instagram profile. For day 1, I am bringing you 31 content ideas for December. That is one idea for every single day of the month! I decided to post it here as well, but I might not post every single one on this blog. So make sure you follow me there.

Some of the ideas are based on holidays and observances, while others are main ideas from my Content Blueprint Bank membership.
I am sharing how to adapt the idea to your profile as well, so make sure you go through them all. You will find ideas like red flags in your industry, your favorite apps and books, free shipping day and so much more! 🥰

Continue reading for December inspiration!

Content ideas for December 1st to 31st

Content ideas for December 1st to 4th

December 1st

Red flags in your industry

  • Talk about the things in your industry that raise red flags for you

December 2nd

Gift guide

  • Share a guide on what to buy for loved ones. Include your product

December 3rd

International Spirit of the Game Day

  • Talk about your favorite games and community spirit

December 4th

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

  • Praise your team today

Content ideas for December 5th to 8th

December 5th

A mistake people make

  • What it is and how to avoid making it again

December 6th

St. Nicholas Day

  • Devote today to kids

December 7th

Letter Writing Day

  • Write a letter to someone. Talk about writing letters.

December 8th

Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day

  • Predict trends in your industry for 2023

Content ideas for December 9th to 12th

December 9th

Salesperson’s Day

  • Share some bad customer stories

December 10th

International Shareware Day

  • Share your favorite free software

December 11th

App Day

  • Share your favorite business app

December 12th

Re-introduce yourself

  • Your new followers will be interested in who you are

Content ideas for December 13th to 16th

December 13th

3 benefits of your product/service

  • Answer the famous “What’s in it for me” question

December 14th

Free Shipping Day

  • Offer free shipping for your products

December 15th

Tips & Tricks

  • Share a few tips and tricks for people using your product/service

December 16th

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

  • Show your ugly Christmas sweater as a behind-the-scenes

Content ideas for December 17th to 20th

December 17th

Device Appreciation Day

  • Share a device you could not live without.

December 18th

Controversial opinion

  • Share something not everyone will like to hear. Step on some toes.

December 19th

Heroes and Heroines Day

  • Share someone you really look up to. Someone who matters to you.

December 20th

Share a new trend

  • Find a trending reels audio you like and use it.

Content ideas for December 21st to 24th

December 21st

The First Day of Winter

  • Make a wintery post. Your winter essentials. Moodboard. Anything.

December 22nd

Meme from the industry

  • Create your own meme that is related to your industry.

December 23rd

Christmas Movie Marathon Day

  • Share your favorite Christmas movie

December 24th

Super Saturday

  • Celebrate the end of the shopping season.

Content ideas for December 25th to 28th

December 25th

Favorite book

  • Talk about a book that helped you in some way.

December 26th

Thank You Note Day

  • Thank everyone who helped you get to where you are now.

December 27th

Share a quote

  • Share your favorite quote and what it means to you.

December 28th

Download Day

  • You can share a freebie or talk about your recent downloads.

Content ideas for December 29th to 31st

December 29th

Tick Tock Day

  • Talk about the previous year and what significant things happened

December 30th

No Interruptions Day

  • Remind your audience of the importance of switching off

December 31st

New Year’s Resolutions

  • Share your resolutions. You’re more likely to stick to them.

Get even more content ideas for December

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