28+ content ideas for February

February is almost here, so I decided to share some content ideas with you. I am bringing you 28+ content ideas for February. One for every single day of the month! Actually, 2 ideas for some days, because I couldn’t decide between the two 😂 These will mostly be universal, and you can use them no matter what industry you are in. They will help you either entertain, inspire or educate your audience, without blindly posting just your products.

Some of the ideas are based on holidays and observances, while others are main ideas from my Content Blueprint Bank membership.
I am sharing how to adapt the idea to your profile as well, so make sure you go through them all. You will find ideas like Safer Internet Day, Q&A, Random Acts of Kindness Day and so much more! 🥰

Continue reading for February inspiration!

28+ content ideas for February

About content ideas for February

February is absolutely packed-full of interesting holidays and observances. These special days are bound to give you inspiration, regardless of what you do. There are many ideas related to the food industry, so they can probably benefit from these special days the most, but you can definitely find something for yourself basically every day of the month.

All of the special days are listed in the Content Blueprint Bank membership, along with one main idea for each day. The main idea is broken down for you, so you know exactly what to do with it! All you have to do is log in once a week and see what’s on schedule 😉. Let me show you a glimpse of what you can find there (but keep in mind that main ideas are much more elaborate than this).

Content ideas for February 1st to 28th


February 1st

Freedom Day

  • Share what freedom means to you. When do you feel free and how do you elicit that feeling?

Change Your Password Day

  • I couldn’t leave this one out. Remind your audience to change their passwords.

February 2nd

Self Renewal Day

  • Talk about the importance of growing every day. It’s important to hone your skills and get better just a little bit every day.

February 3rd

Red flags in your industry

  • Talk about the things in your industry that raise red flags for you

February 4th

Thank a Mailman Day

  • Your main gets delivered to you no matter what. And if you’re an avid online shopper, even more than others. Use this day to reflect on your online shopping (is it excessive? 🤣) and show your appreciation to your mailman.

February 5th

Best advice I’ve received

  • Share a piece of advice that helped you save time, money or energy. Something that really changed your life.

February 6th

Valentine Shopping Reminder Day

  • Valentine’s Day is coming! Remind your audience that they have some shopping to do. If you sell products that could be Valentine’s day gifts, even better! Show your popular Valentine’s products. But be careful! #ValentinesDay is a banned hashtag on Instagram, so don’t use it!

February 7th

Safer Internet Day

  • Talk about how you make the Internet a safer place for others. You can also talk about the steps to take in order to feel safer on the Internet.

February 8th

Laugh and Get Rich Day

  • Laughter CAN be a medicine. Share a joke. Talk about the importance of laughter. Talk about mindset. Just remember to have a few laughs doing it.

February 9th

Pizza Pie Day

  • Who doesn’t love pizza? While this day isn’t entirely connected to business, I would encourage you to talk about it on your stories. Create a debate. Favorite toppings? Pineapple pizza? Unconventional pizza toppings? Your audience will love it.

February 10th

The Inbox Day

  • Today can be about a lot of things. You can invite your audience to ask you anything in your inbox. You can go through all the unread messages you have in your inbox. You can sort your email inbox and invite your followers to do the same.

February 11th

Inventors’ Day

  • Let’s face it: inventors make our lives so much better! Every new invention can help at least one person. What would we do and where would we be if we didn’t have some of the inventions. Think electricity, think the Internet, think social media. Don’t stop there. Penicillin, other medical inventions, different appliances… Think of your favorite inventions and talk about how and why they make your life better.

February 12th

Superbowl Sunday

  • Whether you’re in the USA or not, you can use Superbowl Sunday in your content. Share your favorite players. Share your favorite game-night snacks. You can even talk about your favorite advertisements or performers.

February 13th

Clean Out Your Computer Day

  • If you’re anything like me, your computer desktop gets cluttered with so much unnecessary stuff. Downloading something? Ahh, let’s put it on desktop. Making a screenshot? Desktop. That weird file you got from your boss. Desktop. Today is the day to clean it out and remind your audience to do the same.

Break up with Your Career Day

  • Has your wireless service provider been a douc*e? If so, it may be time to break up!

February 14th

International Book Giving Day

  • Books! Everyone loves them, right? Well, some people pretend to love them, but that’s fine. Share your favorite books. They can, but don’t have to, be business related. If you’ve written a book, you can create a giveaway and give it to one of your followers for free.

Valentines day

  • You knew about this one, but I simply couldn’t leave it out. Show the love. It can be love for your partner/spouse, love for your followers or customers, or even love for your own products or services.

February 15th

Daily goals

  • Sometimes our goal is to survive the day, and that’s totally okay. But sometimes, when we’re inspired, we can set a bunch of goals for ourselves. You can go either way. Make it motivational and inspirational.

February 16th


  • If you have a business on Instagram and you talk about it regularly, your audience have questions. They might be intrigued by your offer, but don’t come up to you and say it. They might be intrigued by you as a person, or your business. Give them a chance to ask you questions today.

February 17th

Random Acts of Kindness Day

  • Kindness seems to be undervalued these days. Everyone hides behind their screens and posts nasty or petty comments. Remind your audience that kindness can get you so much further than nastyness. Not only will it please others, you yourself will be more content.

February 18th

Battery Day

  • Today is the perfect day to talk about how you charge your batteries. Talk about the things that fuel you. How do you relax and what do you do during your breaks? You can also talk about burn out. Talk about whether it happened to you, why it happened and how you got out of it.

February 19th

Prevent Plagiarism Day

  • Plagiarism really triggers me. If the same is true for you, you can use this day to talk about the importance of copyright. Plagiarism is a form of stealing. No, you don’t go into a store and steal a candy bar, but you do take something that doesn’t belong to you. Talk about different examples of plagiarism.

February 20th

Leadership Day

  • Are you a leader or do you prefer to be led? Both are absolutely fine, by the way. Today is all about celebrating leadership. You can celebrate yourself as a boss, or you can talk about the greatest leaders in your opinion.

February 21st

Client success story

  • Sharing clients’ success is absolutely important. It builds social proof. Share how you’ve saved time, money or energy for one of your clients and how that helped them succeed.

February 22nd

Single Tasking Day

  • Take a breather today. Our to-do lists seem to get bigger every day. It’s time to put just one task on your list for today. Relax.

February 23rd

Digital Learning Day

  • In today’s day and age, digital learning is as important as any other learning. Everything is going digital. So, whether your business is online or offline, think about all the digital skills you can work on. If you’re a digital lover, like myself, talk about your favorite digital skills.

February 24th

This or that

  • Play a game with your followers. It can be in your stories, using a poll, or do it in a post. Give them sets of 2 things and let them choose the one they prefer. For example, coffee or tea? Movies or series? Instagram or TikTok? Make it fit your niche.

February 25th

Quiet Day

  • All we need is some peace and quiet sometimes. Today is the day for that. Meditate. Get off social media. Spend the day doing something you truly enjoy.

February 26th

Carpe Diem Day

  • Do something that’s on your bucket list. Do something you are scared of doing. Enjoy something you don’t want to miss out on. That thing you’ve always wanted to do… Do it today! It’s better to try and fail, get up and try again, than spend the rest of your life wondering what would happen if you actually did it.

February 27th

No Brainer Day

  • Not everything is complicated. Things can have simple solutions. Think about a problem you have (or had in the past) and think of the easiest solution possible. You can also talk about your audience’s problems. What would be the easiest solution?

February 28th

Go live

  • Lives can be intimidating. They are scary. You can’t edit out the part where you mess up or just re-film it. I get it. But they are amazing! If you’ve been thinking whether to go live or not, this is your sign. Just do it!


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