Did you know that November is filled with business-related holidays and observances? These 15 Instagram content ideas for November can be celebrated in so many different ways, so I’m going to walk you through them.
Celebrate days like Zero-Tasking Day, Entrepreneurs’ Day, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day or Black Friday in style.These, and many more, November ideas can be found in my Content Blueprint Bank membership, where I give you ideas for each day of the month, a list of at least 6 holidays and observances for each day, along with 5 reels audios every week.
Let’s explore the 15 Instagram content ideas for November! But before we start, I want to encourage you to start planning your Black Friday sale now! Don’t wait until the last week of November to do that.
15 business related Instagram content ideas for November

15 Instagram content ideas for November

1. November 1st: Extra Mile Day

Show your audience how you go the extra mile. How do you support your community and show the positive impact you leave.

2. November 2nd: International Stress Awareness Day

Talk about stress. Mention how you cope with stress and show that you do get stressed every once in a while. Make today all about self-care.

3. November 3rd: International Project Management Day

If you are in project management or you are a part of a project team, talk about that. Talk about different aspects of project management.

4. November 4th: Love Your Lawyer Day

Lawyers can really save the day. Show your appreciation.

5. November 6th: Zero-Tasking Day

It is okay to take the day off every once in a while. November 6th is a great day to do that. Zero tasks ahead!

6. November 10th: International Accounting Day

Accounting. Something most of us don’t like to do, but sometimes it has to be done. Share your accounting process or your favorite accountant.

7. November 15th: Entrepreneurs’ Day

November 15th is all about entrepreneurs. You can share your journey as an entrepreneur or share some of the entrepreneurs you appreciate the most.

8. November 17th: Social Enterprise Day

Today is all about saving and improving your environment, including the people in it. Make it a day of good deeds. Donate to charity, remind your audience to pick up trash or remind them to recycle.

15 business related Instagram content ideas for November

9. November 19th: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Female entrepreneurs are strong, independent women who work to accomplish amazing things. Take today to celebrate them (or yourself).

10. November 24th: Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

If you have a firm belief that you have no talents, today is the day to explore them. There is something you’re good at. Celebrate November 24th by dedicating the day to that talent.

11. November 25th: Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the world. Have a sale of yours or share what you’ve bought during the Black Friday sales.

12. November 26th: Small Business Saturday

Small business are fierce! Take this Saturday to show appreciation for small businesses you believe in.

13. November 28th: Brand Day/Cyber Monday

Take today to talk about your brand. Talk about what your brand is, what it stands for and what your mission and vision is. Present your team, your products and your values. Since it is also Cyber Monday, you can have a sale of your digital products.

14. November 29th: Customer Is Wrong Day

Customer is always right, right? Wrong! A customer can be wrong and nothing gives them the right to be rude, insult or act inappropriately. Don’t give any names, but talk about the instances when the customer in fact was wrong.

15. November 30th: Package Protection Day

If you sell physical products, today is the perfect opportunity to share how you protect your packages. That way, you will gain trust from your customers, and you can praise your shipping service (if they are good, of course).

How to use these content ideas for November?

All you have to do is mark your calendar! Add the ideas you want to use to your calendar, create the content and post on these days. It’s as simple as that.

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